Saturday, July 12, 2008

Karen and Mathew

The Cliffs at Glassy Chapel is amazing. It was 90 degrees, but still get chill bumps as I walk up to the edge of the cliff and see the view before me. Wondrous. Karen and Mathew, whom I photographed back in November 2007 for their engagement photos, were married today.

The clouds helped to make this a particularly gorgeous shoot. I got this shot the previous evening during the wedding rehearsal. I try to attend all the rehearsals so I can scope out the locations and see the flow of the wedding. I know where to stand and what is coming up next. (Every wedding is different.) This allows me to get even better photos the next day at your wedding!

Then again, the clouds also kept me on my toes, going from full sun to cloud cover every few minutes.

Here is the beautiful bride in the mountain breeze...

The gents were busy playing around before the ceremony.

Smile Wedding Party!!!

Did I mention the Cliffs at Glassy is Spectacular? After the wedding we even managed to get some shots on the Cliffs famous golf course. One hundred and eighty degrees of view from upon a peaceful mountain. You look out into the distance in the quiet and take in the view before you, marveling at it's beauty. Looking down upon soaring hawks as they ride the mountain updrafts, you feel at peace. What a wonderful place for a chapel.