Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Katie's Bridal Shoot

Katie's Bridal shoot was a mixture of in Studio photography and on location shooting at The Acanthus on Lake Lyman.

Not only was the house beautiful, but their new Model T also made the place unique.

Opening the door on a new life with her man, TJ....

Give me some attitude girl!

Fun in our studio with some unique lighting...

In my opinion, a gorgeous bridal shoot. What do you think?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Christy and Robert

Christy and Robert were married today in downtown Greenville at Mary's Restaurant.

Christy's Mom laced up the dress. It took time, patience, and love.

We waited on the top floor of the Westin to be given access to the roof. Beautiful hotel with beautiful hallways!

Christy was able to to have some photos taken atop Greenville's Westin Poinsett Hotel. We had a blast!
Mary's Restaurant served as the ceremony location as well as reception. The prelude music began at 6:30pm, with a 7pm ceremony taking place on the patio, beside the restaurant, in the garden.

Greenville's Downtown was a beautiful background for their after Wedding Photography.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Karen and Mathew

The Cliffs at Glassy Chapel is amazing. It was 90 degrees, but still get chill bumps as I walk up to the edge of the cliff and see the view before me. Wondrous. Karen and Mathew, whom I photographed back in November 2007 for their engagement photos, were married today.

The clouds helped to make this a particularly gorgeous shoot. I got this shot the previous evening during the wedding rehearsal. I try to attend all the rehearsals so I can scope out the locations and see the flow of the wedding. I know where to stand and what is coming up next. (Every wedding is different.) This allows me to get even better photos the next day at your wedding!

Then again, the clouds also kept me on my toes, going from full sun to cloud cover every few minutes.

Here is the beautiful bride in the mountain breeze...

The gents were busy playing around before the ceremony.

Smile Wedding Party!!!

Did I mention the Cliffs at Glassy is Spectacular? After the wedding we even managed to get some shots on the Cliffs famous golf course. One hundred and eighty degrees of view from upon a peaceful mountain. You look out into the distance in the quiet and take in the view before you, marveling at it's beauty. Looking down upon soaring hawks as they ride the mountain updrafts, you feel at peace. What a wonderful place for a chapel.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Options Magazine Shoot for Julissa's

Julissa's Boutique in Greer on Middleton Way is a cute little shop that needed some ad photos for the next issue of Options Magazine. I was ready to shoot!

I have several models and I had three of them show today.




Look for them in the next issue of Options Magazine!!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Emily Wemple Bridal Shoot

Oh I had fun today! I shot a bridal shoot. My bride allowed me to get a little creative. We took her to Bald Rock, SC. It's near Table Rock.

It is a huge piece of rock near Table Rock, SC. It has a wonderful view. I took along my fancy loveseat and set her up in style. IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!

After a session there, we took her to Table Rock State Park. It has some of the most beautiful waterfalls around. (And some of the few still flowing in this drought.)

We stopped on the way to the park for some improv photography fun too. It all looks so amazing. Thank you Emily for allowing me to set up some beautiful and creative shots.

Watch for the Traffic!

She selected this one to be her bridal portrait.
See what happens if you let the photographer get artsy?!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Melanie and Steve

Melanie & Steve were married today!
It is rare I get to photograph the same location twice back to back, but here we are at Pretty Place again. We started out with overcast and rain before the ceremony.

By the time we started, the fog had burnt off a lot and the overcast was lifting. The sun popped out just as the I dos started. The perfect weather lasted through the whole ceremony.

Then, as the group shots were winding down, the rain hit again. This was very disappointing for me. I had big plans on the way back down the mountain side. I was going to stop with the bride and groom at bald rock, another beautiful view area. I had a antique love seat in the back of my truck to place out in the field and have them pose on. It would have looked so fabulous! Grrr

I'll keep trying. The reception was at Solitude Pointe. A great name for the place. So peaceful and quiet.

Like all of my Pretty Place Weddings, the couple later on has a hard time finding each other's mouth when it is time for the wedding cake.

All in all, another great wedding.