Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Eyes Have It

Train tracks and fields are today's backdrops. Melody and Samantha are gorgeous ladies who wanted to expand their portfolios. The day we decided to meet for the shoot, I passed a field of yellow weeds. It was wonderful. I knew I'd be bringing them back here for some shots. Melody


Not to far from the field were some rail road tracks. We played on them for a while. I have far too many great shots than I can post here.

I hope I get a chance to shoot these two again. They were beautiful and great to work with. They got some really perfect shots!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Model Shootout

A local photographer organized a "Model Shootout". Models and photographers gather together for mutual benefit. We get to take shots so that the photographer can show off their skills. The models get copies of the shots to show off their talents as well. A win-win for all. We had several models and at least six photographers show up.




Last shot of the shoot, we were losing the light. I have so many great shots from this day!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lynch Wedding

Cherish and Peter Lynch were married today. It was a small wedding at a Bible Baptist Church in Simpsonville, but I was in for a treat. Between ceremony and the reception, the couple wanted to go to the local lake for photos.

I followed the couple and wedding party and captured some fun in the sun shots. The sun was relentless.

It was so bright and hot, we couldn't last long until we had to rush to the reception to continue the festivities.