Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shareen and Chad

Would you believe Shareen and Chad met online at She was in CA, he lives in AZ. Now they are together in AZ and truly in love. They were a really joyful, fun couple to photograph. We started with some getting ready photos at the Marriott, then moved to the park in downtown Greenville. After some fun there with the wedding party, we moved back to the Marriott for the ceremony and reception. In Middle Eastern culture, many brides and grooms get married on paper shortly after they are engaged, but culturally are still considered engaged until they have a wedding reception. Shareen and Chad were married on paper on May 23, 2009. Both the bride and groom wear their engagement rings / wedding bands on their right hand while they are engaged. During the wedding ceremony, they switch the rings from the right hand to the left hand signifying marriage. Both the bride and groom are asked if they accept the marriage proposal after Quran (The Holy Book for Muslims)is read and a short sermon is given. Once they each accept, the ceremony is complete.

After the ceremony and dinner, the place rocked to 80s, 90s and Egyptian dance music. What a fun time!
I even brought my portable studio and set it up in the corner. Many couples had their photos taken with our backdrop and stuio lights.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Natasha and Pierce

Natasha and Pierce spent some time in Downtown Greer, next to the Davenport. The Davenport is a wonderful little wedding venue in Greer, SC.
These two should be models!
Natasha just didn't want to smile much, she has new braces on.
We started out having fun in the men's wear shop next to the Davenport! They let us play in their display window...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chrissy and Kai

Chrissy and Kai met a few months back. They wanted a few shots together. We did a few studio shots and then went and walked through Greer a bit. A bit cold, but I don't think they noticed much. They really do seem to be into each other....