Monday, February 4, 2013

Photographers in Greenville SC - Kendel and Nick's Wedding


Kendel and Nick were married at the Cliffs at Glassy Mountain.  We had perfect weather, an amazing location and a beautiful bride and groom.  Kendel got ready for the wedding down at the Cliffs at Glassy Mountain Country Club.  Then we started some photos at the Chapel with the ladies.  Once we had plenty of photos of Kendel and the bridesmaids, Nick and the groomsmen arrived for their turn.  After the wedding we had time for lots of fun shots with the whole bridal party.  Nick showed off with his awesome car that he and Kendel drove to the Loom for the their reception.  The Loom was ready for us and Kendel and Nick started their first dance together as husband and wife.  It was moving to see two people so in love and into each other.  Another amazing wedding day for us at Touch of Grace; we're hopeless romantics...