Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jillian and Nick's Wedding - Zen, Greenville SC

Jillian and Nick were married at St Anthony's Catholic Church in the West Side of Greenville SC.  After a wonderful ceremony, the beautiful couple joined me for a brief visit at the Greenville Drive game.  Then it was on to the HUGE reception at Zen, in Greenville, just a short walk from the Fluor Field.  With the live Infinity Show Band from Atlanta, all you can eat Sushi and over 350 guests, the party was on!  We even had a visit from Jeff Dunham, a famous ventriloquist you may have seen on the Comedy Channel.  Nick and Jillian danced the night away and the party didn't end till after 1am!


UpstateBliss said...

We would just like to say, we love your photography style. You really have an artistic way of capturing the moment! We also recognize your photos taken at Zen of Greenville, we recently finished a fashion shoot there and loved,loved,loved the location!

The girls