Saturday, July 7, 2007

Total Darkness, A Flash of Light

My sister, Berta Kirchman, is a sponsored athlete for PMI. (Pigeon Mountain Industries). PMI sent her a bunch of new equipment. I got to photograph her using it all for the PMI Catalog. Imagine trying to fill a large cave with light. I learned a lot! I used multiple SB800 wireless speedlights to fill the cave and add texture. My sis rocks!

In 1989, during the National Speleological Society's Vertical Section Annual Rope Climbing Contest, Berta smashed the long standing Women's World Record with a time of 4:16.3. In 1995, she broke her own record with a time of 4:07.1, and almost a decade later, her record still stands.
She has made unrivaled rope ascents out of deep limestone shafts in Mexico and a 1,700 foot rope climb out of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison in Colorado. Berta is also a member of the Rappel Safety Team at West Virginia's Bridge Day Festival.

She shares her love for rope work and the ethics of her mentors by passing her knowledge and skill to others.

When she is not in training or caving, Berta can be found volunteering at regional and national rope climbing contests or assisting with SRT and cave rescue courses.

I am so proud of her...